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Cyber Security Solutions

We confidently believe that prevention is key in all situations. We have the expertise to safeguard your company data from unknown threats and risks, while also providing an intelligent network and infrastructure for understanding adversaries.

Digital Forensic Services

We are proud to offer a top-notch Cyber intelligence team that specializes in disk, network, and mobile forensics, as well as providing exceptional services such as malware analytics and reports, digital forensic services, network log correction, and predictive analytics.

Cloud Services

We offer reliable, scalable, flexible, and cost-effective public cloud solutions. Our cutting-edge infrastructure provides ultimate flexibility, scalability, and reliability. Our solutions are highly scalable and affordable, enabling businesses to respond quickly to market conditions. Contact us to learn more and thrive in the digital age.

Digital Forensic Products

Experience 99.999% guaranteed uptime with our state-of-the-art data center services and infrastructure. Be it any industry; our solutions are feasible and cost-effective to safeguard your business/company data.

Cyber Security Services and Operation Center

“As per 2019 Official ACR (Annual Cybercrime Report), ransomware attacks online businesses every 14 seconds.”
We confidently offer top-notch cybersecurity services and audits to businesses worldwide. Our team is experienced in identifying and addressing common industry-related threats, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity. With our expert management, businesses can avoid the detrimental effects of data breaches, destruction, phishing, malware, ransomware, and loss of productivity.
Our cutting-edge cyber security services and solutions confidently ensure your business’s data security and protection. With our expertise and infrastructure, we enhance your business productivity by managing complexities. We offer professional system installation, 24*7 data monitoring, fast and apt response, and automatic system updates with confidence.

At CIPL, we provide top-notch security testing to safeguard your business against cyber attacks and other threats. Our ethical hackers are highly skilled and experienced, constantly updating their knowledge to stay ahead of the curve. We offer a range of services tailored to your specific needs, including vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. Our team not only identifies potential vulnerabilities but also provides actionable recommendations to improve your security posture. Trust CIPL for complete security and contact us today to learn more.

Cyber SOC

Cybersecurity is crucial for businesses facing numerous threats, from hacking to malware. Attacks can cause revenue loss, reputation damage, and legal action. CIPL is a trusted SOC partner offering expert solutions to overcome cybersecurity challenges. We monitor networks, identify threats, and provide regular updates. Our proactive approach ensures clients are ready for any potential threat. Trust us to provide the highest level of protection and peace of mind.

Consulting Services

In the digital age, cybersecurity is vital for any organization. Partnering with a cybersecurity consulting company is crucial for protecting sensitive information. We have experienced professionals who can identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risks. Contact us today to safeguard your organization's data.

SCADA Security

SCADA security is crucial for safeguarding industrial control systems in various industries, including manufacturing, energy, water treatment, and transportation. It involves real-time monitoring to detect potential security threats, vulnerability management to address exploitable system issues, and incident response and recovery plans. As technology advances, SCADA security remains critical in protecting critical infrastructure systems against cyber threats.


CIPL provides cutting-edge EDR services to help organizations collect, record, and store endpoint data for real-time threat detection and response. Our team offers tailored solutions for various industries and sizes, leveraging the latest technologies and best practices to protect against cyber threats. Partner with us for complete endpoint security and peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more.

Email Security Solutions

Email providers are crucial for effective communication, but privacy and security are important. CIPL provides ways to safeguard emails. Manage access policies, enable layers, and use real-time analytics to monitor email activity. This ensures email security and protects against unauthorized access.

Digital Forensic Services

We help clients across the globe with advanced digital forensics and cybersecurity services. We have a team of experts that help with different types of digital forensics services. ECS has utilized intelligence and investment in developing a state-of-the-art forensic infrastructure.

Mobile forensic

Disk - Memory forensic

Network forensic

Cloud forensic

Data base forensic

Chip off forensics

Overpower the Cyberthreats with CIPL

Exemplary IT Cloud Managed Data Center & Cyber Security Services

Have you learnt about digitally managed workplaces? Optimizing your workplace with state-of-the-art digital infrastructure is must to keep your business data safe and threat-free. It is vital to recognize the cyber threats of your business to manage an excellent productivity flow. We have professional yet safe data storage and access facilities with managed IT infrastructure.

CIPL is a global certified partner of the world’s fastest growing public cloud provider company . We offer a whole range of cloud-based services globally in a cost-effective way through the strategic partnership with Alibaba Cloud.








We confidently provide high-end cloud services to startups and large establishments alike. Our advanced datacenter boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure to meet the needs of diverse industries. Our expertise in the private cloud domain enables us to offer end-to-end solutions with unwavering confidence.





Our company offers reliable and scalable cloud management services tailored to global enterprises. Our skilled team designs and manages cloud-based solutions, providing customized options. We also offer training and consulting to improve cloud management capabilities and help businesses achieve their goals. Contact us to learn more.
CS offers reliable and scalable cloud hosting solutions for businesses. Our channel partner program provides confidence and trust in our hosting services. We offer cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and managed hosting. Our experienced team delivers professional and expert service. Trust us to help you achieve your business goals.

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